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Episode 399 - Reading Body Language - What Your Arm Movement Says About You
Influential people not only express themselves in positive nonverbal ways. They also use nonverbal behavior to captivate and persuade their prospects. During each encounter, Influential people are careful what gestures they use and don’t use.

Discover how to read other people's body language and what it means. Especially how to read their arms movements and what it means. I will also reveal that what you are doing with your arms could help or hurt your ability to persuade. Find out how to use your arms to be more persuasive. Join me for this week’s podcast on Reading Body Language - What Your Arm Movement Says About You
Episode 400 - How to Resist Influence and Coercion - Plus Free Gifts
Join me for this week’s podcast for some incredible free gifts. 

This is podcast 400 and will deliver some great content and influence gifts to take your skills to the next level. This podcast will do a 180 from other podcasts. Instead of helping become more influential, this podcast will reveal the art and science of resisting the persuasive attempts of others.

Help me celebrate podcast 400 on How to Resist Influence and Coercion.
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