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When you are ready to accelerate your life and income – Coaching can be the answer.
 I KNOW that our coaching will change every aspect of your life. 
 In fact, let me prove it. 
 First session is on me. 
 Let me help you solve one of your biggest persuasion challenges. 
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The easiest way to double your income is to double your persuasion skills. In business and in life, your ability to persuade others can mean the difference between success and failure. Everything you want in life is on the other side of persuasion. Can you convince anyone-at work or at home-about anything, any time? Did you know the average persuader only uses 3-4 persuasion techniques? There are over 100 different persuasion tools you can learn and master.
We can help you in one (or more) of the following:
  •  Fine tune (or create) your sales copy
  •  Double your close rate
  • Increase marketing results
  • ​ Create a more persuasive presentation
  • ​ Information Marketing (Become a published author)
Yes, I Want To Master the Art and Science of Persuasion, Negotiation and Influence!!
Influence University is the most complete and comprehensive course I’ve have ever released. This system is USUALLY reserved for my advanced coaching students. This online University will reveal cutting edge influence techniques that will increase your income and enable you to persuade on command.
  • How to have absolute confidence in what you’re saying
  • RESIST persuasion so you don’t fall into unethical traps!
  • Harness the 18 most powerful words and put them to use
  • How to create huge value to eliminate price resistance
  • Resolve the concerns of your customers before they even have them.
  • How to build rapport with any personality type.
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